Thursday, 3 September 2009

Get To Bed!

there are two of us up and awake in the house at the mo, me and teenager. Poor lad has first day back at school tomorrow and I do feel his pain . I used to be a complete mess on the night before having to go back, even now I am dreading wednesday, my first day back. I think I kind of hoped for the lottery option to save me from having to go back.... I had six weeks for goodness sake, should have been long enough don't you think?

Sigh, I too am having trouble settling of an evening, I need to sort out my sleep pattern! I also have to do a practise drive of my work route, and then of course there is the finding somewhere to park trauma...uh oh, I think maybe I will still have a dreadful night the evening before I have to go back.

Ok tis eleven o'clock now and all of a sudden it'll be one o clock in the morning...I must go to bed now... I must not play on facebook, I am going.... going... honest .

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