Friday, 18 September 2009

That Was The Week That Was....

Blatant plagiarism, that's what we like to see. It's just sometimes someone elses words fit my blog so well!

Any hoo, hello all; I did not drop off the edge of the earth.. and I didn't run away to live in london either. What I did do was have a hectic weekend away, return to a sicky oldest boy and then got sick myself.... yay for returning to school germs.

My weekend was good, although staying at my nannys house proved interesting, I wouldn't say grandma was senile but she can definitely get herself in a tiz when things are different. Me coming to stay definitely counted as different. Poor old nanny first of all was stunned and amazed that I had abandoned my babies for the weekend. Then she was shocked and appalled that I was going out to a pub with my brother. She spent a lot of time asking the same questions again and again, and then being just as shocked and appalled when she got the same answers.

My bro and I did venture into the wilds of sunny Surbiton (not strictly London but close enough) to meet my old school friends, we met them straight from their day at the rugby and they still managed to stay at the pub til gone midnight. A good old chat and a few (!!) drinkies were had. We got a night bus or three back to my grandmas house and ate peanut butter on toast about half one in the morning.Nanny was confused and spent about half an hour trying to check the door was locked, she's not as deaf as usual in the middle of the night for some reason... we did creep in, and then I retired for the night and spent about an hour wondering how my babies were doing .

The next morning I was made scrambled egg for breakfast and was hit by the novelty of a morning without the words "mum, mum, mum..." being shouted. The train home was easy (apart from a slight platform change at clapham... I hate not knowing exactly where I should be) and then I returned to find eldest lad languishing with sick bucket on his bed.

Monday night, or should I say Tuesday morning was my turn ... needless to say I wasn't in work on wednesday...oh what a reliable employee I am.

Thursday and today things are almost back to normal apart from two snuffly girls and a sicky big lad(again!) but I have just been wiped out this week. See, a lovely relaxing weekend away just completely throws out my routine! I am looking forward to a rest this weekend, mind you I am due for another saturday night out locally next weekend, uh oh...

Hope everyone has had a good week, I am off into blogland for a proper peruse!


  1. Welcome back, sounds like you had a good time away, sorry to hear about all the sickness though.

  2. "Thursday and today things are almost back to normal...." Whatever normal is for your family, huh? I always need a vacation after a vacation (lol).