Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Currently sitting with dye on my head (and elsewhere as is often the way... sink, floor, shoulders, left ear lobe) trying not to move too much. Also tomorrow is looming large in my thoughts, I am back at work gloom, I have to drive there (double gloom) and then I will have to park (gloom to the power of ten). I may be dwelling on this,

I suspect you could tell.

I am attempting a tidy up today as the clothes explosion is getting on my nerves, the single sock escapade is baffling (a pair goes in the machine, a single sock comes out) and I definitely need to rediscover the hoover.

At least I have managed to get back into the making lunches the night before routine (two whole days woo hoo!) Day one seemed to go well for the kidlets, youngest lad when asked if he'd had a good day declared "I had a fantastic day" when asked what was so fantastic of course the response was " I don't remember" . Eldest girl seems to have settled into her last year at juniors (eeek) quite nicely, she seems so grown up these days, I feel so old these days...

Ooh just as an aside I had a go at the One Shows
"what sex is your brain" quiz I was quite surprised to find I had a more male than female brain! Oh dear, I always thought I was brainier than that. (Only joking!!!!! All complaints on the sexist manner of that comment to be addressed to.. well.. um, me I suppose)

Little Miss M has been asking when she will be going to school, so at least someone is going to be cheerful tomorrow eh? Right, off to wash off dye and try and clean up my forehead, ears and scalp.. purple is good for hair, not so good for skin.


  1. what, two days on the trot packing up , i did one, then forgot the kids were back at school, ( how the hell can you forget that?!?) last night.
    good luck on removing the hair dye, i had to repaint the bathroom last time i coloured my hair and got it on my new towel, grrrr

  2. Oh I hate it when the laundry piles up!!

  3. you're stressing...and tomorrow HAS to be a better day!

  4. Nice pile of laundry!! Just exhausting. I have refolded my kids clothes pretending that they were washed once or twice. They like to toss it in the dirty pile even if they only wore the outfit a few hours!!

  5. Once again, your're sharing the REALITY of motherhood. I always enjoy stopping by.

    I could have lived without the reminder of laundry (lol).